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The publishing company and its history


Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag is an independent publishing company located on Lake Constance. It was founded in March 2007 with the special aim of supporting young authors. "Young" does not only refer to an author's age but also to his or her experience. In 2009, Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag was honored by the German Federal Government and German industry for its work with young authors.


Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag publishes not only picture books and children's and juvenile literature, but in past years it has also established various projects for promoting literacy, projects that have proved a great delight to writing enthusiasts, too. In 2014, the two publishers Martina and Thorsten Meier also founded the Herzsprung-Verlag, www.herzsprung-verlag.eu, which specializes in publishing fiction, poetry and non-fiction for adults.


The company's books have been sent to approximately 120 countries around the world - Papierfresserchen is now known in China and Japan, South Africa and Namibia, Canada and the US, as well as in all of Europe, New Zealand and Australia, the Ukraine and Russia.



Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag publishes picture books, children's books and books for young adults. The picture books are aimed at children aged 4 and up and cover all topic areas. The company publishes illustrated, humorous good night stories as well as more difficult topics such as divorce or autism.


Papierfresserchens MTM-Verlag specializes in children's books. The structure of many of the books for the age group (up to age 11) makes them suitable for school use and encourages children to read. Several of our children's books were actually written by children and have therefore been a special incentive for young readers for years. Torben Schott's titles are one such example.


Our juvenile literature is aimed at readers aged 12 and up.