812 F Lucy Lemon: The night of the comet

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ISBN: 978-3-86196-530-5​

Leslie Smith, Taschenbuch, 110 Seiten



Shortly before summer break, Marianne and her father move into the house at the lake. After a while, she becomes friends with Michael, nicknamed Marble, and Albert. Marble likes to collect insects and loves to eat. Albert wants to be a scientist and has an old broken down convertible from his dad, that he wants to transform into an extraordinary machine.

One night, they all stay up to look at the stars through a telescope. Together with Marianne`s father and their teacher Ms. Korn,they learn about the Solar System, its planets and comets, and even why some constellations are named after characters from Greek mythology.

That night, Marianne`s doll Lucy comes to life. When she suggests setting off to collect comet glitter together, the group can hardly believe their ears. The three kids think it sounds like fun and, together with Lucy and Albert`s machine, they fly into space, where they are in for a fantastic adventure. 






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